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OREA V3 BASALT (competition series)

OREA V3 BASALT (competition series)

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The OREA V3 BASALT is a throwback to the original OREA V1 with a gorgeous satin matte black finish.

The price includes the base, which will be marbled colors since recycled plastics are used, and each one is different colors.

Bringing back a matte black version has been a big request from people and this particular unit has been in development for a long time.

This version 3 has a higher flow rate. A faster flow rate gives us a wider range and more versatility. Go from a grind just above espresso to a coarse grind in a beautiful coffee maker. This allows you to explore a whole new set of brewing approaches and get the most out of any coffee.

The Orea Brewer has a unique ring design and a completely flat base, reducing inconsistencies experienced with other flat base brewers. Because there are fewer factors at play, you will inherently have more consistent preparations. Due to the fact that it does not have a series of small holes that can easily become clogged, it will get stuck less. Finally, because the base is completely flat, adding more coffee will not affect the flow or consistency.

The material chosen, polycarbonate, has the lowest thermal conductivity rate of any plastic we can find. It acts as an insulator, something you will notice while preparing your coffee. It's so good at insulating (or so bad at heat transfer) that we don't need a handle or cover, because it doesn't get too hot to the touch. This means that the heat and energy stays in the base of the coffee while it is brewed, rather than escaping. This will increase the extraction and we find that it provides more sweetness in the cup.

This coffee maker is incredibly light and robust, great to take with you everywhere!

Matteo d'Ottavio also appears in the photos using it at the World Brewers Cup.

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